Make a wish come true with pink daisies.

Pink tipped daisy
Pink tipped daisy

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Find 13 pink tipped daisies.
  2. Collect said pink tipped daisies.
  3. Make the 13 collected pink tipped daisies into a daisy chain.
  4. Wear the daisy chain at four o clock (on the same day of collection).
  5. For 1 hour (starting at 4pm ending at 5pm) make your wish 13 times.
  6. Put your pink tipped daisies in water.

If you don’t put your daisies in water the wish won’t come true.

Pink tipped daisy
Pink tipped daisy

This spell comes from the Pink Paint for a Pixie story in Endi Blytons Holiday Stories book.

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