How to fix the broken charger cable problem

closed up photography of two iphones

This is a really common problem, its so easy to snap the tiny delicate wires in any charging cable.

The wires inside the cable are less than 1mm thick so aren’t tough enough to stand up to rough treatment.

The simple way to get around this problem is a magnetic charging cable. The lightning or usb connector is left in your phone and the cable attaches to it using a magnet when you are ready to charge it.

The magnet is strong enough to hold the cable in place to charge the phone. If the cable is pulled or stressed the magnet is weak enough to disconnect without damaging the cable.

When you look for a magnetic cable it’s important to remember that some won’t work for data transfer. If you never plug your phone or iPad into a computer this doesn’t matter. If you transfer music or photos from a computer to your phone then it must be data capable.

These are my top three magnetic phone charging cables all available from amazon:

1: JJA magnetic charging cable.

JJA magnetic charging cable
JJA magnetic charging cable

2 : CAFELE Multi Magnetic Charging Cable

Cafele magnetic charging cable
Cafele magnetic charging cable

3. ALPHA 3 in 1 LED Flowing Magnetic Charger Cable

alpha magnetic charging cable
alpha magnetic charging cable

Hope this helps.

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