Wildlife – Bee rescue

While I was at work I noticed a bee lying stationary in the shade.

When I walked back again a few minutes later the bee was still there.

That’s when I decided to attempt a bee rescue.

I had read about this technique but never tried it myself.

It’s pretty simple – mix up sugar with some water and place it in front of the bee.

A bee in a puddle of sugar water
A bee in a puddle of sugar water

My equipment list was as follows:

  • Sachet of sugar from a well known coffee shop. I selected white sugar over brown as it felt like an emergency. Next time I may go for brown sugar to make the mixture a little more classy.
  • Bottle cap
  • Splash of water
  • Old stick for stirring.

After mixing up the concoction I poured it in front of the bee.

It immediately woke from its sleep, took one look at the water and started walking away from it.

This was obviously disappointing but I persevered. I poured another shot of sugar water in front of the now mobile bee. It turned again. Slightly upset I went back to work complaining under my breath about how ungrateful bees are these days.

When I walked past a third time the bee had discovered the sugary water and was drinking and presumably enjoying it.

A bee drinking sugar water

On closer inspection the bee is waving one of its legs. Probably saying thank you or maybe asking for a high five (which I obviously declined).

One happy (and alive) bee and one happy helper.

If you have any tips on helping bees write them in the comments section.


After my rescue this afternoon I’ve done a bit of research.

There are products (much to my amazement) available from amazon for this actual situation. Here are a couple:

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