F1 fault on Ideal boiler

What is a F1 fault?

An F1 fault is caused by low water pressure in the boiler / central heating system with an Ideal boiler.

F1 fault on a Ideal logic display
F1 fault on a Ideal logic display

Causes of F1 fault

F1 happens when water has escaped from your boiler or central heating system. Click here for more information

How do I repair an F1 fault?

Using the reset button or switch has no effect on F1 faults. The fault can only be cleared by increasing the pressure.

Check the pressure by using the pressure gauge. On older models it is hidden under the boiler on the left. On more modern versions it is on the front of the boiler.

The pressure is increased using the filling loop. On most Ideal logics this is built in under the boiler on the right hand side. There may be an external filling loop, this guide can help you identify it.

Click here for how to use an Ideal filling loop.

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