Cat proof hedgehog feeder

Feeding hedgehogs is a really satisfying activity especially if you can record it to watch back after.

However feeding the local cats is less satisfying. Especially if they finish off the food before the hedgehogs have a chance to eat it,

This is why cat proofing the food is essential. Cats have a much larger appetite than hedgehogs so the food won’t last long if they can access it.

It’s pretty simple to cat proof the food. Hedgehogs are generally much smaller than cats.

Cover the food with a waterproof box.

Cut a door in the side small enough for a hedgehog but too small for a cat.

Place an obstacle in front of the door so the cat can’t manoeuvre in.

Cat proof hedgehog feeder

2 thoughts on “Cat proof hedgehog feeder

    1. I do feel a bit mean keeping the cats out. But they are so big compared to the scrawny little hedgehogs I have to do it.

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