Overflow pipe is gushing water

It’s always worrying when an overflow pipe is gushing water. It’s a common problem but is luckily easily fixed. The overflow does two jobs. The first is to carry excess water outside and the second is to warn you that something has gone wrong. To initially stop the pipe overflowing you should turn off theContinue reading “Overflow pipe is gushing water”

5 best places to eat in Alnmouth

Alnmouth is a small coastal village in North Northumberland. It is well known for its beautiful beach, historic harbour and terrace of houses painted in pastel colours. Alnmouth has a vibrant pub and restaurant scene all year round but is particularly lively in the summer. This is my 5 best (not in any particular order)Continue reading “5 best places to eat in Alnmouth”

Wildflowers – Feverfew

Feverfew is a perennial wildflower that grows into a small bush, up to 70 cm high, with strongly scented leaves. The flowers look a lot like daisies but are noticeable different. The flowers are larger, the yellow center is wider and the white petals are larger. Bees and other pollinators will happily fly to aContinue reading “Wildflowers – Feverfew”

Wildflowers – Touch Me Not Balsam

Touch me not balsam is an annual herbaceous plant in the family Balsaminaceae found in damp places in Europe, Asia and North America. After the yellow flowers die off they are followed by pods which forcefully explode when ripe, ejecting the seeds for some distance. These exploding seed pods help to spread the seeds for some distance from the plant helping its spread. As the flower is longContinue reading “Wildflowers – Touch Me Not Balsam”

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