Benefits of Feverfew

What are the benefits of Feverfew? Feverfew has been used in medicine for many centuries. It has been given the nickname of “Medieval Aspirin” and has even been written about in Ancient Greece.

Cat proof hedgehog feeder

Feeding hedgehogs is a really satisfying activity especially if you can record it to watch back after. However feeding the local cats is less satisfying. Especially if they finish off the food before the hedgehogs have a chance to eat it, This is why cat proofing the food is essential. Cats have a much largerContinue reading “Cat proof hedgehog feeder”

What is Self Heal used for?

What is Self Heal? Self Heal is a creeping perennial herb with deep violet flowers. It is very commonly found growing among the grass in lawns. What is Self Heal used for? The leaves can be used in salads but taste bitter. The juice of the plant has been used in traditional medicine to treatContinue reading “What is Self Heal used for?”

Overflow pipe is gushing water

It’s always worrying when an overflow pipe is gushing water. It’s a common problem but is luckily easily fixed. The overflow does two jobs. The first is to carry excess water outside and the second is to warn you that something has gone wrong. To initially stop the pipe overflowing you should turn off theContinue reading “Overflow pipe is gushing water”

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