Wildflowers – Groundsel

Grounsel is the type of wildflower that can be seen growing in the gaps in pavements, waste ground and disturbed ground.

Wildflowers – Feverfew

Feverfew is a perennial wildflower that grows into a small bush, up to 70 cm high, with strongly scented leaves. The flowers look a lot like daisies but are noticeable different. The flowers are larger, the yellow center is wider and the white petals are larger. Bees and other pollinators will happily fly to aContinue reading “Wildflowers – Feverfew”

Wildflowers – Touch Me Not Balsam

Touch me not balsam is an annual herbaceous plant in the family Balsaminaceae found in damp places in Europe, Asia and North America. After the yellow flowers die off they are followed by pods which forcefully explode when ripe, ejecting the seeds for some distance. These exploding seed pods help to spread the seeds for some distance from the plant helping its spread. As the flower is longContinue reading “Wildflowers – Touch Me Not Balsam”

Wildflower – Red Valerian

Red valerian is a common perennial wildflower found across most of Europe and North America. The flowers can range from bright pink to purple and in some cases white. It was introduced into gardens before the 1600s, this plant from the Mediterranean soon escaped and became naturalised in the wild.  It is known to attractContinue reading “Wildflower – Red Valerian”

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