Benefits of Feverfew

What are the benefits of Feverfew? Feverfew has been used in medicine for many centuries. It has been given the nickname of “Medieval Aspirin” and has even been written about in Ancient Greece.

What is Self Heal used for?

What is Self Heal? Self Heal is a creeping perennial herb with deep violet flowers. It is very commonly found growing among the grass in lawns. What is Self Heal used for? The leaves can be used in salads but taste bitter. The juice of the plant has been used in traditional medicine to treatContinue reading “What is Self Heal used for?”

5 best places to eat in Alnmouth

Alnmouth is a small coastal village in North Northumberland. It is well known for its beautiful beach, historic harbour and terrace of houses painted in pastel colours. Alnmouth has a vibrant pub and restaurant scene all year round but is particularly lively in the summer. This is my 5 best (not in any particular order)Continue reading “5 best places to eat in Alnmouth”

Wildflowers – Ivy leaved toadflax

This tiny creeper loves to grow into crevices in brick walls all over the UK and Europe This tough little plant has evergreen leaves and small flowers roughly similar to snap dragon flowers. The plant was apparently introduced when a shipment of sculptures arrived in the UK from Italy. It has spread quickly and isContinue reading “Wildflowers – Ivy leaved toadflax”

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