Wildflowers – Feverfew

This wildflower is a herbaceous perennial that grows into a small bush, up to 70 cm high, with strongly scented leaves.

Feverfew flowers​
Feverfew flowers

The flowers look a lot like daisies but are noticeable different. The flowers are larger, the yellow center is wider and the white petals are larger.

 Feverfew flowers​
Feverfew flowers

Bees and other pollinators will happily fly to a chamomile or daisy but feverfew has a bitter aroma that discourages insects. This isn’t the flower to plant if you want to encourage bees and butterflies into your garden.

Feverfew flowers and leaves​
Feverfew flowers and leaves

In traditional medicine, feverfew has been used to treat headaches although there is no proof it works. Feverfew is registered as a traditional herbal medicine in the Nordic countries under the brand name Glitinum.

There are many known side effects of using feverfew so it isn’t recommended as a medicine.

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