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Geemarc CL8510

Geemarc was founded in 1974 and were among the first to produce easy to use mobile phones specifically for hard of hearing customers.

The CL8500 is the latest easy to use mobile phone brought to you by Geemarc. With new Dual screen feature and extra loud ringer, you’ll never miss a call again!

Geemarc are known for producing high quality, easy to use mobile phones with the highest hearing aid compatibility rating and this is no exception. Ideal for hearing aid users and anyone with a hearing loss who does not wear a hearing aid; with amplification of receiving volume up to 40dB, extra loud ringer, tone control, Bluetooth capabilities and vibrate setting.

The easy to use Geemarc CL8500 mobile phone is also ideal if you have a visual impairment, with talking keypad and taking caller ID for 10 numbers, Plus raised keypad buttons, clear fonts and LCD display. The dual display allows you to answer your phone without opening the clamshell, but you still know who’s calling You can also easily answer a call by simply opening the phone and end a call by closing It.

For added piece of mind, the CL8500 also has an SOS emergency button on the back. Once pressed it will dial your 5 emergency contacts on a loop until a response is received, then will play your personally recorded message to them to make them aware you are in need. You can also set the phone so it sends an automatic text message to all 5 numbers on your emergency contact list.

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