How to repair STEPN sneakers

STEPn sneakers gradually lose health points as they are used. This is how to repair STEPN sneakers.

What is STEPN?

Stepn is a web3 move to earn game with crypto currency rewards for users if they hit a daily walking or running target.

How does it work?

The user gets access to the game through buying one or more sneakers in the STEPN marketplace. A single sneaker gives the user 1 unit of energy which means 5 minutes of crypto earning time per day. More sneakers mean more energy.

From there all that is required is to walk or run in a specific speed window until the energy is used up. Too fast or too slow earns nothing so you have to watch your pace. When the energy is used up the earning ends.

As you walk or run your crypto rewards ping through the app.

Sounds simple.

Well no it isn’t. Unfortunately the initial simple app provided unsustainable rewards which threatened to collapse the entire STEPN ecosystem. To stop the collapse STEPN introduced additional measures that take your earnings from you as you make your way through the game. This adds multiple layers of complexity with the end result being much lower returns. You can read the official STEPN explanation here.

Will this make me rich?

No it won’t.

It might make you much poorer or only a little poorer depending on your enthusiasm for the STEPn marketplace. There is the constant promise of making you rich if you level up or spend more money on improving your sneakers. It all comes down to the return on investment (ROI) or payback time.

The payback time was reasonable (and probably achievable) at the start when the GST price was high but it is now enormous and for most unachievable.

Buying better and better sneakers, levelling up and buying gems all increase your ROI. Sadly they also greatly increase your investment thereby extending the payback time.

But it’s not all bad.

Why should I use STEPN?

So after that down beat intro why should you use STEPN? Well you will be surprised to hear that I actually love the app.

As long as you acknowledge STEPN won’t make you rich you can use it as motivation to do a specific amount of exercise each day.

This should be your reason to use it. I’ve used it for about 6 months now and have never missed my pretty measly target of 20 minutes walking each day.

I’m happy to admit that my fitness motivation is variable (sometimes non existent). Having a little crypto powered push helps me get out the house and walking my local streets.

Repairing your sneakers.

As you use your sneakers they slowly degrade. Eventually they reach the point that they don’t generate any GST for you. This is how to repair your STEPN sneakers.

The health point bar under the image of your sneaker starts at 100% when new and gradually empties until at 20% the sneaker can’t be used to earn crypto.

To repair sneakers you need a red comfort gem and some GST.

Select your sneaker by tapping it. Then tap the repair icon in the bottom menu.

Transfer the red comfort gem from the bottom window to the health point restoration machine by tapping it.

Tap the handle on the right hand side to complete the repair. The amount of health points restored changes depending on the quality of the gem you use and the amount of GST you spend.

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