My phone charging cable keeps breaking.

Why does my charging cable break?

If your phone charging cable keeps breaking you are not alone. It’s so easy to snap the tiny delicate wires in any charging cable.

The wires inside the cable are less than 1mm thick so aren’t tough enough to stand up to rough treatment.

How can I stop my phone charging cable breaking

The simple way to get around this problem is a magnetic charging cable. The lightning or usb connector is left in your phone and the cable attaches to it using a magnet when you are ready to charge it.

The magnet is strong enough to hold the cable in place to charge the phone. If the cable is pulled or stressed the magnet is weak enough to disconnect without damaging the cable.

When you look for a magnetic cable it’s important to remember that some won’t work for data transfer. If you never plug your phone or iPad into a computer this doesn’t matter. If you transfer music or photos from a computer to your phone then it must be data capable.

Top three magnetic charging cables

These are my top three magnetic phone charging cables all available from amazon:

1: JJA magnetic charging cable.

JJA magnetic charging cable helps to reduce phone charging cables breaking.
JJA magnetic charging cable
  • Comes in a pack of 4, (2 x 1m, 2m and 3m) and is compatible with most devices. In the pack you will get 4 charging cables and 3 set of each connector type C, I-Connector and micro USB so almost every type of device is covered.
  • Cable Supports QC 3.0A fast charge, charging speed is 70% faster than normal magnetic cables and can be used to transfer data. It also has a tiny led light which makes finding the cable easy in the dark.
  • The magnetic connection can rotate making it easier to play games or watch video. If also make it much less likely to break the connection while charging.
  • This magnetic cable is made of high-quality nylon thread, with durable design, high split/break resistance and 10,000 + bending life, which will not be easily broken.
  • ONE HAND OPERATION: The magnetic cable allows you to operate the charging cable with one hand for charging on/off. It is convenient and safe while driving. The best choice for drivers, vision impaired, elders and people with disabilities.

2 : CAFELE Multi Magnetic Charging Cable

Cafele magnetic charging cable
Cafele magnetic charging cable

  • Come with three different types of connector: lightning , Type C, and Micro USB.
  • The magnetic charger cable supports the 3A fast charger and data transfer.
  • This magnetic charging cable is 1.2m long and can be used everywhere.
  • The magnetic design reduces the number of connections and separations with the mobile interface and reduces the wear and tear on the connections in your phone.
  • The magnetic charger also blocks the charging port on your device which stops excess dirt and dust entering the port.
  • This multi charging cable has a strong magnet that can attract your moblie device without falling. Simply connect with one hand while you drive or do other things.

3. P-TECHUK Fast Charging 360° magnetic cable

PTech magnetic cable helps to reduce phone charging cables breaking.
alpha magnetic charging cable
  • This iphone and android charging cable supports QC3.0 fast charging up to maximum 3A when used with compatible QC3 or similar fast wall chargers
  • Helps to reduce messy wires. One cable to charge multiple different types of device. Lightning, USB-C and micro USB all charged from one cable.
  • The magnetic USB charging head can be rotated 360° + 180° which makes charging more convenient while using your device and precisely connects to your phone easily. The cable has super strong magnetic connection which avoids disconnection. Whilst not charging, the magnetic tips also serve as an Anti-dust plug.
  • The magnetic charging cable snaps onto the bottom of your phone. Much more convienient than finding the socket especially with micro USB.
  • Flexible, sturdy, tangle free and durable nylon braided cord
  • The high quality oxygen free copper core provides good quality electrical conductivity


USB phone charging cables are made of very small wires and are fragile. Even with very light use they can break and even more importantly the charging socket on your device can wear out.

A magnetic charger can solve all these problems. They are easy to use and may save you from expensive mobile phone repair.

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