Simple mobile phone buying guide.

We’ve made this simple phone buying to help you navigate to the right phone. As technology moves on manufacturers compete to make their phones more and more complicated.

This complexity is great for some but for others this makes the phone difficult or impossible to use. This simple phone buying guide attempts to cut through this complexity.

Several companies have listened to concerns about vision, hearing and general technophobia and specialise in mobiles that are easy to use.

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These are the key points to look for in easy to use mobile phones.


Clear screen

Modern phones have a tendency to get more and more complicated. Easy to use phones have simple menus, larger text and high contrast uncluttered screens.

Easy to use mobile phones Geemarc
Geemarc CL8510


Hearing aid compatible

The simplest way phones deal with hearing loss is to have a much higher maximum volume. This helps to cut through the background noise and makes the phone easier to hear when it rings.

Most modern smart phones have compatible bluetooth hearing aids so calls can be taken seamlessly through the hearing aid.

Hearing aid compatible phones are available and easy to set up.


Bigger buttons

For the visually impaired bigger buttons are an essential ease of use feature.

Clear text and bigger spaces between the buttons make the phones much easier to use than a typical mobile.

This feature can range from slightly bigger buttons to the extreme of only three buttons programmed with specific contacts.

Easy to use  phones are available.


Simple interface

The interface of most phones can be intimidating for anyone less used to technology.

Smart phones can feel complicated to use with all the options.

Many of these functions are stripped back from the easy to use mobiles leaving only the essentials.

The simple interface and big buttons on a Uleway mobile phone.


SOS function

A simple SOS function can be a lifesaver in an emergency.

When the SOS is activated the phone can automatically phone through a list of contacts (or send texts) until someone answers.

Smart phones can also include fall detection through the Apple Watch which automatically calls for help in case of a serious fall.

The SOS button on the back of a Geemarc mobile phone

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