5 best places to visit in Berwick

Berwick upon Tweed is the last town in England (if travelling North) and the first town in England (if travelling South).

Berwick is a contender for most Scottish town in England. Although located in England both its football and rugby teams play in the Scottish leagues and there is a strong affinity for Scotland in the town. The town is

For such a small town there is an incredible amount to do. Here are my 5 best places to visit in Berwick.

Elizabethan town walls

When you walk around the town walls you begin to understand how important a town Berwick was. The were the most expensive undertaking of Elizabethan times and helped to ensure the town enjoyed a permanent peace.

A walk around the town walls takes about 45 minutes. It is roughly one and a quarter miles (about 2km) and is perfect for all abilities, the paths are all asphalt and in good condition.

Once on the walls it is flat and wheel chair accessible although keep in mind the high drops either side. The walls are very tall and have no safety fences. You (and your kids) will have to use common sense around the edges.

At roughly half way there is a fantastic kids play park.

Berwick walls children's play park
Berwick walls children’s play park

The park is full of fun equipment for all ages and is really well looked after.

Berwick children's play park
Berwick walls children’s play park
View of the North Sea beach from Berwick town wall
View of the North Sea beach from Berwick town wall

The walls follow the outline of the old town and take in views of North Sea beaches, the Tweed estuary, historic buildings.

Berwick walls information signs
Berwick walls information signs

There are plenty of interesting facts on signs along the path. You can leave the path and return to the town centre at several points and because its a circular path its impossible to get lost.

Berwick upon Tweed Town hall

A Town Hall has stood on this site since at least the 16th century. Begun in 1750, this building stands majestically at the south end of Marygate. Until the 1830s, the Guild of Freemen governed civic affairs in Berwick from this building.

Berwick upon Tweed town hall
Berwick upon Tweed town hall

A guided tour of the Town Hall allows you to visit the jail and old town courtroom (reconstructed in the debtors’ jail). Guided tours are run on weekdays. Booking are not required unless in a large group.

The Lowry trail

L S Lowry (1887-1976) was a famous painter and visited the town of Berwick many times from the mid-1930s until the summer before he died.

Berwick Lowry Trail map
Berwick Lowry Trail map

Altogether Lowry produced a fascinating group of more than thirty drawings and paintings of the Berwick area. The Berwick upon Tweed Preservation Trust has placed a series of 17 panels around the town describing the views he captured in the paintings.

Walking the entire Berwick Lowry trail takes about 3 hours. As it is in the town you can stop for coffees and lunch at various points.

Berwick upon Tweed Boat Trips

Taking a trip on the Border Belle from Berwick Quayside is a fantastic way to spend a few hours.

Border Belle Berwick boat trips
Border Belle Berwick boat trips

Berwick boat trips have a variety of trips available, most around the estuary but some up the river Tweed and others along the North Sea coast.

Dolphins, seals and other marine wildlife are regularly spotted (although not guaranteed).

Trips can be booked from the kiosk located on the Berwick Quayside.

Berwick Barracks and Main Guard

The last of my 5 best places to visit in Berwick is the barracks. Also known as Ravensdowne Barracks they are the largest and finest barracks built in England in the early 18th century.

Berwick Barracks entrance
Berwick Barracks entrance

The British government had them built between 1717 and 1721, as part of a programme of barrack-building in the north of England and in Scotland.

Soldiers originally stayed in the local houses for free. As this upset the locals and allowed the soldiers easy access to the local pubs a barracks was deemed essential.

As this is an old building there no designated disabled access to the upper floors. There are handrails on the stairs leading to the upper floors of the museums.

More activities around Berwick upon Tweed

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