Zanzibar Gem Care

Why love Zanzibar Gem?

Zanzibar Gem is a hardy houseplant, which thrives quite well on neglect.

Like most toxic relationships the less you love it the happier it is.

Why is this a toxic relationship?

Well first it doesn’t really need you (water it once every 2-3 weeks).

Second if you love it too much (over water it) it will rot from the roots up.

Third but most important is the whole plant is toxic to humans and pets. No hugs and kisses for this little guy.

So why buy Zanzibar gem?

If you aren’t an expert gardener this plant is for you.

If you have dimly lit room this plant is for you.

If you have a history of killing every plant you’ve ever owned this plant is for you.

Click here to buy a Zanzibar Gem plant and impress your friends with your horticultural skills when it doesn’t instantly die.

Click here to get an artificial version of the Zanzibar Gem plant that certainly won’t die even with your clumsy horticultural skills.

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